The most frequent mistakes made when undertaking

Creating a company from the ground up is not easy. It is not enough to have a good idea and a lot of enthusiasm. It is also necessary to know how to develop this project with constancy and perseverance, surrounded by the most efficient and proactive team. But, some common mistakes are made by us in the business. Today we are going to discuss them. Visit this link if you are wondering how to incorporate a hong kong company.

Settle in the choice of partners

Above all, when it comes to the first entrepreneurial experience, we often make the mistake of associating with the people closest to us: friends, family, classmates. They are with whom we have more confidence, more affinity, but this does not guarantee that they are the ideal partners to promote our project. We have to base ourselves on professional criteria when choosing partners.

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Do not value the importance of the leader

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A company without a leader is like a boat without a boss. The leader is the person who unifies the spirit of the team and who makes the final decision. And, who should that guide be? The CEO? Who contributes the principal capital? You should not decide based on these issues. Do you know who was the one who always played soccer in your school? The one who brought the ball, but who was not necessarily the best player. The leader must be the best player and not the child who brought the soccer ball to school for recess.

An equitable distribution of actions

Although this may seem at first sight the ideal option, it can be totally wrong. That of distributing the cake among all equally does not work when starting a business. For example, when you are two partners and you share the shares at 50%, you will always have to reach an agreement; if you are three (33%), two of you will send, and if you add four (with 25% of the company for each), chaos occurs. There must always be an agreement between the partners when awarding the shares.

Hiring without thinking is bad

It is important to hire workers according to whether they fit into the culture of the company, first and its capacity, afterward; We can always expand your knowledge through training. Never reverse this order of priorities. For this, it is important to define that culture to row all in the same direction. From there, you can already think about what service you need to hire and to whom to develop it.

Be based on stereotypes

Not all entrepreneurs should be cut by the same pattern: young graduates, make an app or develop their idea in a garage … The important thing is not to fear the risk, have the ability to make decisions, see opportunities where others do not they see them and feel passion for what they do. That is a good entrepreneur.

Falling in love too much with the idea

The idea can become the entrepreneur’s worst enemy. Few ideas represent perfection or success assured by themselves (unless you have invented the wheel, fire or the light bulb …). Falling in love with an initial concept until you get blind and not listening to anyone for believing that you will not contribute anything to that idea, is a mistake.