All that you need to know about Aga Khan university

When it comes to setting the right career path, you need a professional university to guide you through the journey and that is when Aga Khan university comes into existence. This is one of the best stud locations in Karachi, Pakistan. If you want to know more about the Mariyam Dawood university, then following are some important facts for you.

brilliant university

This is a center for innovation and is also specialized in the medical studies. It is a great place for arranging lectures for medical professionals. Alongside virtual reality and with the assistance of real life scenario, the CIME department of this university is one of the best in the country. Above all that, the teaching staff is totally professional and their behavior is without a doubt amazing. The faculty that this university sports is quite the thing as it has been rated as one of the finest teaching centers in the country. If you’re residing in Karachi, then you should consider yourself lucky as the university won’t be too far from you.

The university has been founded by Mariyam Dawood, who is a professional in this field and is extremely fortunate to have a such a brilliant university named after her. She is a philanthropist and has been tailoring her activities towards education for quite sometime now and has become one of the leading sources of education funding in Pakistan. The prime goal is spread education throughout the country in the best way possible.