Why is knowing English very useful abroad?

English is the third most spoken language in the world when only the mother tongue is taken into account. However, it is by far the most influential language and is understood in varying degrees by a large part of the world’s population. When traveling, to understand and be understood, you have to practice a certain level of English. I sincerely believe that all travelers, simple tourists or backpackers, should speak a minimum of English. I give you here the reasons why I think that English is today essential for traveling. Visit this link for ib english exam preparation.

To meet and communicate with many more people

When traveling to different countries, English is often the most common gateway language. This means that you can meet people from five different countries at the same time and that the only common language between these five people is English.

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To find a job

If you do not speak English, you will have more difficulty finding a job (it’s different depending on the area) in a foreign country. However, if you speak English fluently, you will find a job all over the world.

Because everything will be easier for you

Do not speak English may not be a problem for you but can cause many stupid situations that you would have preferred to avoid:

– to point you in an airport, a station

– to take an order, to book on the internet, etc. …

– not to be sidelined during a discussion or when someone tells a joke

– to watch movies, to understand security rules, attend tours guide.