Defining the future of fashion

It can be a cliché to suggest that fashion is changing, but we all know that this is certainly true. It’s malleable, exciting, and even invigorating. The fashion industry is a seismic force and forward-thinking, yet always looking back to tradition.

future of fashion

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The fashion calendar has changed and now, designers stage their shows between seasons. Designers sell their pieces straight off the runway clothes rail, in a ‘see it now, buy it now,’ style of operation. More intimate settings are the norm, such as private clubs or attics, while some designers like to live-stream their shows.

2020 is set to be a year of opportunity

The year ahead, according to fashion commentators, will be a year of awakening. 2020 will be a year of opportunity and not just challenges. Fashion companies have to realise that we are living in tougher economic times, while also bearing in mind the many and varied changing consumer trends in the industry.

Fashion names are increasingly using technology to understand customers and their fashion needs. Artificial intelligence too, will reshape fashion houses’ approaches to design and development, focusing on predicting what customers aspire to wear.


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Back to basics, and Farah shirts are a classic wardrobe staple and they are renowned for their timeless appeal. They are available from, which stocks a wide range for men.

According to the New York Times, closet accounts on Instagram are the future of fashion journalism. They are devoted to celebrity fashion news and social media users are shunning traditional news channels to follow these accounts, often run by teenagers.

Social media has a huge impact on fashion

The interest in fast fashion has surged. Those brands could issue as many as 52 weekly ‘micro-seasons’ each year. Some high street fashion brands debut as many as 300 styles each week on their websites. Traditional clothing brands are now debuting around 11 seasons to the public each year.

Social media has also had a huge impact on fashion, especially over the last few years. Influencers help drive new brands and trends, creating a high demand for the next big thing. Young fashion buyers act on that publicity, thanks to the buy now tools on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Fashion is also becoming more and more socially conscious, thanks to the rising interest in green issues.