The Way to Locate a Copy editing Editor for Your Writing

If you plan to venture into Self publishing, you should begin searching for an editor for your work. As you don’t have the typical perks that mainstream writers enjoy, you have got to take things into your own hands and be certain your work is appropriate for publishing. Don’t publish your work without letting an editor assess your manuscript. No matter how fantastic of a writer you are, you cannot check your work in addition to another set of expert eyes can. With so many editors on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be tricky, but here are some tips to help you. If you personally know some writers, ask them to recommend an editor for you. A referral from a working writer is something you really can trust. While this referral may or might not be the person you are searching for, this referral is still worth checking out. Consult your writer friend to introduce you to the editor if possible. There are editors who don’t answer emails or take calls on a regular basis, so an introduction can help save you time and energy.

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If you do not know any authors who can provide you referrals, you can simply request references from online communities. There are discussion boards that cater to the writing community and you will certainly get referrals from writers who frequent them. You could even use how to copyright my book and other social networking tools for this purpose. Let your connections know that you are seeking an editor and ask them to refer people to you. If you happen to have referrals, check their profiles and search for testimonials regarding their job. Since you aren’t a budding author at yet it is not necessary to search for editors with large time credentials. As a newcomer self publisher, you do not necessarily need to find an editor who has edited a bestselling book. At least look for an editor with ample experience with minor publications.

There are specific online communities which writers and copyedited associate themselves with. These groups need membership fees, making them a fantastic place to search for an editor. Only serious writers and editors will shell out membership fees to have a listing on book industry groups. These sites usually offer complete information and work portfolios of the members, so it is easy to check out their credentials. There are online businesses who offer writing, proofreading, and editing services for various forms of written output. Have a look at their services and their prices and determine if this will fit your requirements. Be sure you ask about their policies concerning revisions and turnaround time prior to signing up with them. Constantly keep communication lines open when dealing with internet contractors.