What is the spell for beauty?

The spell for beauty is the spell casted to make a person especially a female to look more beautiful and attractive. It is basically the spell casted to enhance the beauty of a woman. It is an inherent desire of every woman to look beautiful so for that the spell for beauty is casted.

Is this a spell for women only?

It is correct that generally women cast the spell for beauty as they want to look beautiful and attractive all the time. But this does not mean that men cannot cast the spell for beauty. Men too can cast this spell. In fact, often its men who cast this spell for their ladies to make them look more beautiful.

What are the materials needed to cast this spell

The spell for beauty is the simple spell and it can generally be cast by using the simple materials .The materials needed for this spell are

  • Any flower
  • A mirror


How to cast the spell for beauty?

  • Wear the flower on your head
  • Look at the mirror
  • Say the following chant

O goddess of beauty

  • Make me the prettiest lady
  • So mote it beSay this 11 times
  • You will soon witness the results
  • Your beauty and glamour will be enhanced very soon

How useful is the spell for beauty?

The spell for beauty is a really effective way to enhance the beauty of the women .After casting the spell for beauty the women will start look very attractive and beautiful. Her outward glamour and inner beauty will multiply many a times .Her charms will become irresistible.

Will it need to be recasted?

It’s ones personal wish if one wants to recast the spell or not. This spell will dissipate after a certain span of time after delivering the desired results. But if the women is not satisfied with the results and she wants her looks and beauty to be enhanced further then there is surly a case for recasting the spell for beauty.

Does it have any side effects?

The spell for beauty is casted so that the ladies should look more beautiful. So this spell has only the positive effects on the ladies that is to make them look more beautiful and attractive. Apart from that it will not have any negative implications or any side effects as this is cast with a really simple procedure reciting simple and easy chants and easily available ingredients.