Get your Mattress from best Supplier Singapore

There are various mattress supplier Singapore having various quality of mattress but out of all them we have selected the best mattress for you which is given below.

Gel’O Cool Mat Gel Topper

It is medium sized 23.6 x 35.4” cool mat which is an ideal choice for children. This can also be used with queen or king size pillows. It is using safe medical-grade material that will not leak when it is cut accidentally and open up. It is very soft and comfortable to the body.It can be folded easily and it requires a very small area for storage. It can also be refrigerated when required to use as an ice pack. Not only that but also it can be microwaved when someone wants to use it as a heat pack. It is coming with one year warranty period.

mattress supplier Singapore

In summer it is very difficult to sleep on the heated pillow or mattress. Otherwise, have to keep on the air conditioner all night which would increase the power bill drastically.  So Gel’O Cool Mat is the best choice which keeps the mattress warm. This could be more enjoyable and will be less damaging to the pocket. This mat will dispense the heat from the body and keep body temperature cool.

It distributes the heat from different parts of the mat which is not in a contact with body. This is also a suitable choice for the pets. And it can be very warm and comfortable in winters.