Get to know about google analytics word press

Google Analytics Word Press is a plug in to your Word Press blog. It very simple to install and will provide you information which you can use to increase your company. To install it, you may first need to register for an Analytics accounts. Once you are logged into Click on the Add Website Profile link towards the bottom corner of the page, your account. Make sure’ Insert a Map to get a domain’ is selected and type in your domain name in the field provided. You be presented with a Tracking Code to your own domain. It will be in a format like this: Log on to the Word Press Dashboard for your domain name and go to the Plugging Add New menu left hand side of this webpage.


From the ‘Search’ Section, be sure that ‘Term’ is chosen in’ Google Analytics for Word Press’ from the dropdown listing in the area and click on Search Plug ins. Your first Outcome should be ‘Google Analytics for Word Press’. This is the plug in you may wish to install. Keep scrolling through the results until you discover it if it does not appear as the result. Used To install direct traffic in Google analytics click on the ‘Install Now’ link and activate the plug in when prompted. On your Word Press Dashboard, under Settings you should see a new entry from the menu. Click on this hyperlink. There will a checkbox that reads ‘Manually enter your UA code’. Tick this checkbox and paste the tracking code that we copied from the Analytics site.

Which keywords are getting organic search engine traffic that point is important you are able to create more articles based on these key words, or back links to those by knowing which keywords are bringing in the most traffic to your website? URL tags and traffic metrics are gathered by the Google Analytics tracking code, which needs to be set up on each page of your website. This code has a tendency to vanish into thin air when changes are becoming made to pages. If website maintenance falls by the wayside all of your tracking and campaign management can go to waste. This is a tip, but I like to include it from time to time, this code will take a long holiday.