How to choose a good niche for your online store

So, for customers to be willing to spend more in your online store, you must be able to give extra value . That additional worth will make your clientele and the populaces who know your brand give more importance to what you offer. In addition, the possibility of buying something from a brand that gives you confidence and that you can access and ask openly about technical problems is an extra that benefits many customers even with the possibility of paying more for a product.

My Neighbor Totoro

Target the ideal group of clients

It is important to understand that age can be a limit to spending

Very young people do not have a large amount of money to spend, and older people are very reluctant to buy through the Internet and use it mostly to get information and if needed, call the company. Since the important thing here is to save costs, it is not ideal to have a telephone assistance system.

About sex, it is essential to understand it through the shopping habits of men and women, who are far from similar. Women buy more through the internet, but men tend to make larger purchases. However, because companies tend to focus their web pages for men, there is a very large gap in the female audience. You can decide based on the target audience.

The location of our clients is important if we are destined to an international audience. Although most of the sales are local, you should consider the possibility of selling internationally, taking into account shipping costs, which are still very expensive internationally. You can find out here about My Neighbor Totoro

Choose the ideal product type for your online store

The ideal price for e-commerce products is usually this price. It is the ideal balance to have an acceptable margin and that the client does not demand much after-sales service (when you buy something of € 1000, it is normal to demand that everything goes correctly and without any mishap, with the extra time that the technical service incurs ).