The number of guests

The last thing you need on your very important day is a stuffy room full of uncomfortable guests because you under estimated the size of the room against the number of guests you expected for your wedding. To top it up, you will be very uncomfortable just seeing the discomfort on your guests faces. Rather than getting anxious and looking forward to the end of your big day, choosing the right Indian weddings venues Singapore will ensure you enjoy yourself and even wish the day could go on because of the joy and relaxation on the faces f your guests.

The weather

indian wedding venues

Are you opting for an outdoor or indoor wedding? Would you like an outdoor option but with an indoor option should the weather change? Having a plan B is always important when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding. Searching for Indian wedding venues Singapore can be a little overwhelming but if you want to get it right, you need to plan based on the weather. The right venue means reduced chances of anxiety that changes in weather bring.


How far is the venue from where most of your guests will be coming from? How convenient is it for the bride and groom to get to the location? If walking will be necessary, how ideal will that be for elderly guests who may not be able to go up the stairs or a steep terrain? These are very important things to consider when choosing Indian wedding venues Singapore to not only manage associated costs but also ensuring the comfort of your guests in accessing the venue especially if many of your guests are elderly and do not need to be strained when it comes to attending your wedding.